Join Strangemood.

Strangemood is collectively controlled by the folks that use it, like a co-op.

1% of every sale goes to a community treasury as a contribution fee.
The treasury pays for expenses, like developers, servers, storage, and so on.
The treasury and the contribution fee are controlled by voting tokens.
Sellers are given voting tokens automatically on every sale; so the sellers primarily control Strangemood.
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Which best describes you?

There's lots of ways to participate in Strangemood, make money, and build a new game industry with us.

I make games
Game developers automatically earn votes over the foundation every time they make a sale.
Sell more games
Pay less in fees
Own the game store
Join as a game developer
Coming Soon
I want to sell other folks' games to my audience
Strangemood lets anyone make a store and collect commissions set by game developers.
Make a % of game sales
Make more than ads or sponsorships
Coming Soon
I hack on open source
Open source developers that contribute to the ecosystem can earn voting stake in the protocol and get paid for their work.
Get paid
Earn voting stake
Rust & TypeScript
Are none of these you?
There's many other ways to partner with the Strangemood foundation. Consider reaching out on one of the following: