Strangemood is a decentralized protocol for buying and selling video games.

It's an open source competitor to Steam.

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Strangemood (maybe) has lower fees, and larger market size than Steam.

That's a big claim, here's how we could pull it off.

Strangemood isn't a single store. It's a network of stores that interoperate with each other. List on the network, and your game is available for sale on all the stores.
Game devs set their own fees. Sellers set a % of the sale that goes to the store that completes the transaction. Sellers compete to offer higher cuts, stores compete to accept lower cuts.
The market finds the perfect fee.
We think it's probably lower than Steam's. Strangemood helps YouTubers, Twitch streamers, journalists, and software applications who already have a large audience, offer you their distribution at lower fees than the current stores.
oh, also

Governed by sellers.

Strangemood is collectively owned by a global internet co-operative. If you sell a game on Strangemood, you'll automatically be given voting power over the co-op.

Carbon Neutral.

Each transaction on Strangemood uses about as much energy as loading this website did.

Sustainably open source

A small % of every sale goes to a community treasury that's controlled by the sellers. That treasury funds the open source development of the platform and other public goods within the game industry.